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15 December

Walking the tightrope between online safety and privacy

Posted by:Eva Brynjulfsen

What are governments and tech companies doing with regard to digital safeguarding, and how can we ensure that we achieve the right balance with other digital rights? At RAID H2 conference in October 2022 Prof. Victoria Baines, IT Livery Company Professor of IT, Gresham College opened the debate between Thomas Van der Valk, Privacy Policy Manager EMEA, Meta, Joanna Conway, Partner & Internet Regulation (Legal), Deloitte, Adv. Collen Weapond, Commissioner, Information Regulator (South Africa) and Andrew Carroll, Assistant Commissioner, Data Protection Commission (Ireland).


14 December

Is consent a panacea for online danger?

Posted by:Eva Brynjulfsen

Does consent offer the best privacy and safety for internet users? And what are the issues around consent as a legal basis when it comes to children? Steve Wood, Consultant, Allen & Overy, Cecilia Álvarez, Director of Privacy Policy Engagement, EMEA, Meta and Martijn ten Bloemendal, Global Privacy Counsel, AbbVie dived deep into the subject at RAID in October. Here we share part of the discussion, moderated by Catherine Di Lorenzo, Partner, Allen & Overy



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