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14 December

Developing Trust in a Changing Internet

Posted by:Eva Brynjulfsen

Who should take responsibility for online content: states, companies or consumers? How should we prepare for the metaverse and Web3? At the RAID conference in October 2022, Deloitte Partner Nick Seeber, Allen & Overy Partner Maeve Hanna, Christel Schaldemose MEP and EDPS Director Leonardo Cervera Navas tackled the big questions from Ioanna Noula of the Internet Commission


21 October

RAID’s “rich dialogue” unlocks global opportunities of tech governance

Posted by:Eva Brynjulfsen

At RAID (Regulation of Artificial intelligence, Internet and Data) H2 on October 10th, Online policymakers, regulators and industry united to work towards systems of “New Tech Governance for the New Globalization”.

The biannual conference highlighted the need for industry, regulators and governments to work together to unlock a range of opportunities for society, trade and economic growth.

10 May

Lawmakers and technologists strive for equilibrium at RAID (Regulation of Artificial intelligence, Internet and Data)

Posted by:Ben Avison

At RAID (Regulation of Artificial intelligence, Internet and Data) Digital on 4th May 2022, legislators, regulators and technology industry experts resolved to “create balance in a precarious world”.

40 speakers joined from the European Commission, European Parliament, UNESCO, national governments including the US, Canada, Germany and India, regulators and central banks, Meta, Deloitte and investors.

Towards a global golden standard in data protection

Posted by:Eva Brynjulfsen

Tine A. Larsen, President of Luxembourg’s National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD) talks RAID through some domestic, European and international regulatory activities in a world of rapid innovation

RAID: What are the specific local challenges for Luxembourg as a regulatory zone – does the benign taxation environment create a heavier caseload for you?

Tech regulation’s new order

Posted by:Anonymous (not verified)

In this wide-ranging interview, Helen Dixon, Commissioner for Data Protection in Ireland contemplates a new architecture and governance of the internet arising from the battleground of technology regulation – and offers sound advice for data controllers



RAID Conference and Exhibition addresses new innovations and disruptive technologies in areas of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things and Data


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