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Paul O'Brien
Director of the Service, Security and Operations Lab, BT.

Paul O’Brien is Director of the Service, Security and Operations Lab at BT. He leads an award-winning team applying smart technologies to transforming the way we manage telecommunications networks and digital services. Their activities include exploiting AI and machine learning to automate operations, developing advanced data analytics capabilities for cybersecurity and customer insight, and exploiting optimisation technologies for driving business agility and efficiency. His team also includes overseas labs in China, UAE and the US, and BT’s patent attorneys.

Paul has a passion for technology research and innovation. He has worked in telecommunications for over 25 years in a number of roles including, technology venturing and start-ups, managing large research programmes, leading international collaborative projects, and chairing standards committees.

Paul is a keen advocate for careers in engineering. He is a mentor for the Tamar Engineering Project at Plymouth University, a judge for the annual Tech4Good awards, and is a board member of the Institute for Telecommunications Professionals.

He holds business and technical degrees from the London School of Economics, University College London, Essex University and University of Hertfordshire

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