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Nicole Junkermann
Founder, NJF Capital

Nicole Junkermann is a London-based entrepreneur and investor who has previously raised her own significant private equity fund. Her primary focus has been on the crossover between the media and technology sectors.

She is among a new group of well-connected, successful entrepreneurs who believe that transformative technologies in robotics, genomics, augmented and virtual reality and artificial intelligence will create breakthroughs in areas including healthcare, financial infrastructure, security and premium content.

Nicole began her career in 1998 as a co-founder of football gaming portal Winamax. She invested in newly-founded Infront Sports and Media in 2002 and in Shanghai Really Sports, China’s third largest sports retailer, in 2005. Two years later she raised her own fund of €242.5m, United In Sports. Along with another major shareholder, Nicole helped develop Infront into one of the world’s leading sports media rights businesses, eventually selling it to private equity group Bridgepoint for €650m in 2011. Infront is now owned by the Dalian Wanda Group.

Since 2011, Nicole has been guided by her belief in the value of authenticity, that the fundamentals of business are enduring and that an entrepreneur’s journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

She also believes that one of the most exciting spaces today is where old and new connect and that the future of technology lies in understanding the limits of total disruption. Nicole is now working with the entrepreneurs who are defining the emerging industries that will change our relationship with the digital world.

Through NJF Capital, Nicole has stakes in a range of companies, among them OWKIN, Revolut, Sentient, Blockchain and Grabyo. Three of her early investments, Songza, Dollar Shave Club and RelatelQ, were acquired by Google, Unilever and Salesforce, respectively.

In June 2017, Nicole invested in and was appointed co-chair of Magnum G.V, the legendary photo agency.

In addition, Nicole, who speaks six languages, holds board positions with companies including Shanghai Really Sports, Owkin, and Trilantic Capital Europe.  She holds a BSCA from the University of Monaco.

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