Mathieu Michel

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Secretary of State for Digitalization, Belgium

Since October 2020, Mathieu Michel has been Secretary of State for Digitalization, in charge of Administrative Simplification, Privacy and the Buildings Administration, attached to the Prime Minister.

Previously, he held the position of President of the Provincial College of Walloon Brabant for 8 years, from 2012 to 2020. He was in charge of heritage management and digitalization.

Together with the Walloon Brabant Property Development Agency, he was responsible for the development of new large-scale 'New Place of Working' (NPOW) projects.

And, in terms of digital technology, Mathieu Michel has worked on the digitalization of the entire territory, turning the 27 communes of Walloon Brabant into true "smart cities". It is also with the objective to further digitize the provincial schools that they have been fully equipped with the latest computer equipment.

Artificial intelligence is one of his priorities in this area. His objective is to mark Belgium's position as a European leader in the field of AI, particularly in the field of health and energy. He is keen to demystify the use of new technologies and advocates for transparency as an essential component of technological innovation and the algorithms on which it is based.

As the person responsible for privacy, Mr Michel initiated the process of updating the Privacy Act to make it more mature. His ambition is to strengthen the protection of our data and the fight against harmful content.

Finally, as a member of the government responsible for the Buildings Administration, he has decided to give Brussels back the pride of its ambition to be the heart of Europe and has made the renovation of the Brussels Court house one of his priorities. For this symbol of the capital of Belgium and Europe, which marks the skyline of Brussels, Mathieu Michel has expressed his ambition to remove the scaffolding that has been installed since 40 years as of 2024.


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