Wonki Min

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Visiting Professor, Soongsil University

Mr. Wonki Min is Visiting Professor at Soongsil University in South Korea. In his career, Mr. Min has held high level positions at the Korean government, academia and international organizations such as OECD, World Bank and ITU. He is Former Ambassador for Science, Technology & Innovation of South Korea and Former President of SUNY Korea (The State Univ. of New York, Korea). He was Vice Minister at the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT where he led to set up the 5G+ Strategy and the National AI Strategy. Internationally he chaired the OECD AI Expert Group and the Committee on Digital Economy Policy which produced the OECD AI Principles. He was Chair of the 2014 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference and the ITU Council. Currently he is a board member of CAIDP (Center for AI and Digital Policy) and a member of the Steering Committee at the MIT AIPF (AI Policy Forum).  He also serves as Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Korea 5G Forum and co-President of Korea Tech and Trade Forum. 


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