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Tuesday 26th September, 2023

08:00 Networking
08:45 Welcome
09:00 Keynote address
09:15 Panel 1 Aligning diverse digital agendas
  • National, regional and global perspectives on digital governance
  • The role of national governments in regulating digital technologies - do we need National Digital Regulators?
  • How can we align digital governance internationally? Who is showing leadership?
  • How can we find unity in a diverse sector and a diverging world
  • Democratisation of technology: accessibility, connectivity and interoperability

Panel 2: Consumer protection and fairness

  • Virtual identity, responsibility and the internet
  • Aligning international standards on digital safety
  • How to tackle disinformation
  • The tension between content moderation and free speech
  • User redress: what mechanisms for complaints, appeals and dispute resolution are being put in place?
10:45 Networking Break

Panel 3: Technology across borders

  • How can cross border data flows be managed in the interests of governments, society, business and security?
  • The EU Health Data Space
  • Who should pay for communications networks (the Network Fee Proposal)?
  • Transatlantic Trade: Lessons learned from the Trade & Technology Council and the Inflation Reduction Act
11:45 Keynote Address

Panel 4: The impact of AI and its regulation on society and industry

  • Has generative AI been underregulated and how can the release of next generation tech be better controlled?
  • Implications of the AI Act for different stakeholders
  • Algorithmic transparency and accountability

Lunch and Networking


Panel 5: Data protection in a fast-moving world

  • Is data protection up to speed with technology developments?
  • How do cultural factors play into legislation and regulation of privacy?
  • What are the different considerations for industrial data vs personal data?
14:45 Keynote Address

Panel 6: The digital wallet

  • Assessing the systemic risk of digital currencies
  • What are the privacy implications of digital payments?
  • Regulators, central banks, high street banks and start-ups – what role do they all play in financial stability?
15:45 Networking Break

Panel 7: The competition conundrum

  • How can competition law be equally fair on tech companies of all sizes and origins?
  • National vs international approaches to antitrust DMA Implementation
16:45 Panel 8: Regulatory readiness for future tech
  • Quantum computing, metaverse, human-level AI, wider applications of blockchain beyond crypto.
  • How can different regions align on developing standards in emerging technologies
  • Over-regulation vs innovation: can we overcome the Collingridge dilemma and regulate before it’s too late?
17:00 Closing Remarks

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