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Tuesday 12th October, 2021

Beijing Time Paris Time Eastern Time ACTIVITY
2:30PM 8:30AM 2:30AM Networking
2:45PM 8:45AM 2:45AM Opening Addresses
Didier Reynders, Commissioner for Justice, European Commission
Lucilla Sioli, Director for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry, European Commission
3:00PM 9:00AM 3:00AM Panel 1: Facing Common Global Challenges in the Regulation of AI, Internet & Data
  • How are regulators and policy-makers in China, Europe and the US dealing with common challenges around competition, systemic risk and consumer trust?
  • How has the global pandemic accelerated the demand for technology and appropriate regulation?
  • What are the primary antitrust initiatives that the EU, China and the US are considering implementing to counter dislocations in the digital economy?
  • How do regulators balance encouraging digital innovation, while ensuring inclusive benefits for all and avoiding market distortions?
4:00PM 10:00AM 4:00AM Networking Break
4:15PM 10:15AM 4:15AM Panel 2: Harnessing AI as it Gets Stronger, Faster
  • How quickly is AI moving towards deep and unsupervised learning, and what regulatory frameworks should be put in place to manage its development for the benefit of industry and society?
  • Forecasting the scope and impact of the EU’s new Artificial Intelligence Regulation – how does this overlap with Chinese and US regulatory initiatives?
  • How should the complex mechanisms of algorithms be clearly communicated to consumers in order to achieve consent?
  • What impact is algorithmic pricing having on competition and how can this be managed?
  • How can regulators and legislators mitigate against the potential risks of AI, such as unethical bias and displacement of jobs?
5:15PM 11:15AM 5:15AM Networking Break
5:30PM 11:30AM 5:30AM Panel 3: How Do We Manage the Opportunities and Risks of Fintech?
  • What is the approach of regulators in the Europe, China and the US towards big tech’s move into fintech?
  • What are the core concerns regulators have around the systemic risks arising from new fintech companies?
  • Fintech crosses international borders – how can different regulators harmonise their approaches?
  • How are regulators in the US, China and Europe responding to the benefits and risks of open finance, for example through the European Commission’s Open Finance Framework?
  • Can a global standard in regulating crypto-assets be developed, and if so how?
6:30PM 12:30PM 6:30AM Lunch/Dinner/Breakfast/Networking Break
7:50PM 13:50PM 7:50AM Keynote Address
Wojciech Wiewiórowski, European Data Protection Supervisor
8:00PM 2:00PM 8:00AM

Panel 4: The Power of Platforms and Markets

  • Who is clamping down hardest on big tech – China, the US or Europe – and why now?
  • How should technology companies and platforms be assessed, defined and categorised, and do regulators have the tools to manage them?
  • Will the US repeal Section 230 immunity for tech companies?
  • In the context of domestic political norms, how can content be best moderated to avoid misinformation and polarisation of opinions – by people or algorithms?
9:00PM 3:00PM 9:00AM Networking Break
9:15PM 3:15PM 9:15AM

Panel 5: Navigating the Data Rights Minefield

  • How should policy and regulation balance the public benefits of technology with the interests of data protection?
  • How are China, Europe and the US setting international standards in data governance, and how can different regulators learn from each other’s approaches?
  • What are the data regulation issues arising from the growth of industrial IoT and cloud computing?
  • How can the need for corporate privacy be balanced with regulatory requirements to access data?
10:15PM 4:15PM 10:15AM Networking Break
10:30PM 4:30PM 10:30AM

Panel 6: International Cooperation – Building on Shared Interests to Manage the Risks and Benefits of Innovation

  • How would regulators like to work together? What are the practical ways they can look to cooperate closely and find shared approaches?
  • Where the global digital economy cannot be regulated by any one country, how do regulators deal with areas where they disagree and have different attitudes?
  • What are the practical mechanisms by which regulators would like to see structured channels of communication with each other?
  • What are the key barriers to international digital trade and how are these being overcome?
  • How can regulation be reformed and better connected to business to realise the opportunities of industrial automation?
11:30PM 5:30PM 11:30AM Conference Close

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