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Monday 18th June, 2018

13:30 Registration, networking and coffee
  VIP Dialogues
Curated VIP discussions with invited observers. For policy officials, corporates and world leading technologists
14:00 - 14:45

Industry 4.0
How technology is transforming industry and boosting productivity in Europe
European strengths in Industrial IoT
The role of technology in “Made in China 2025”
Where can Europe and China help one another most?


  • Mr. Paul O’BRIEN, Director of the Service, Security and Operations Lab, BT
  • Mr. FENG Xuhui, Chairman of the Board, Software Engineering Center Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Mr. Thierry MORIN, Founder, TM France

Moderator: Mr. Ahmed BALADI, Partner, Gibson Dunn

15:00 - 16:00

Trade and Technology
How trade in industrial technology connects Europe and China
Digital trade and the expansion of communications networks
The impact of e-commerce on Financial Services in Europe and China
How geopolitics intersects with technology trends
Asset management in the energy sector
Transport, Mobility and Logistics


  • Ms. Joëlle DURIEUX, DG, Finance Innovation
  • Mr. Lars HÜLSMANN, CCO, Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management
  • Mr. Frank KENNEDY, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank Equity Capital
  • Mr. Charles POMMIES, Counsel, Allen & Overy

Moderator: Andre LOESEKRUG-PIETRI, Speaker for J.E.D.I., former Special Advisor to the French Minister of Defence, founder of ACAPITAL

16:15 - 17:30

The Digital Silk Road
Education and Skills
Smart cities, earth monitoring and big data for sustainable development
The information silk road
Predictive technology and the experience economy
Quantum communication technology and application based on quantum satellite


  • Ms. Catherine LESPINE, President & CEO to INSEEC U. Group
  • Mr. Franck MARGAIN, President, Paris Région Entreprises
  • Mr. François MOREAU, Head of Higher Education, Research and Innovation Service, City of Paris
  • Mr. Zia YUSUF, Co-Founder and CEO, Velocity Black
  • Mr. Wei QI, President, CAS Quantum Network Co.,Ltd

Moderator: Mr. Christophe Chaptal de Chanteloup, Founder, CC&A Design Fax

18:00 - 20:30 Drinks Reception and Gala Dinner (Cercle de l’Union Interalliée)
18:45 VIP Speeches:
Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, former Prime Minister of France; Chairman, Fondation Prospective et Innovation
WU Lebin, Chairman, Chinese Academy of Science Holdings



Tuesday 19th June, 2018

08:30 Registration and Coffee
09:00 Welcome speeches
Hosted by: Matthew Astill, CEO, Cavendish Group
Mr. Serge LASVIGNES, Former Secretary General, Government of France; President, Centre Pompidou
Mr. Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, Former Prime Minister; Honorary Member of Parliament; Chairman, Fondation Prospective et Innovation
Mr. WU Lebin, Chairman, Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings

1. VIP Opening Panel: Driving trade, industry and sustainability through digitalisation
Chinese, European and US perspectives on RAID’s potential to boost productivity and create sustainable, widespread economic growth
Is it too late for Europe to capitalise on AI?
Creating a green economy through the digital revolution
The role of government in a new productive age
How will current and future technology change the geopolitical landscape in the 21st century?
Opportunities on the digital silk road


  • Mr. Lars HÜLSMANN, CCO, Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management
  • Prof. Tony PRESCOTT, Director, Sheffield Robotics
  • Ms. Maria VAN DER HOEVEN, Former Minister of Affairs of the Netherlands, former Executive Director of IEA, senior fellow at Clingendael Energy
  • Mr. WU Lebin, Chairman, Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings

Moderator: Mr. Ahmed BALADI, Partner, Gibson Dunn

10:25 Networking break and refreshments

2. Global digital trade: is digitisation helping or hindering globalisation?
Is digitalisation accelerating protectionism and the anti-trade movement?
What role can digitalisation play in global climate agreements?
How will new bilateral models transform digital trading relationships, particularly between US, Europe and post-Brexit UK?
The role of ecommerce and joint ventures in new regional alliances such as China’s Belt and Road
Cross-border disruption of industry verticals: transport, healthcare, logistics and the public sector
Building a modern silk road station: the combination of technology, big data, culture, tourism and health


  • Mr. Dennis BRACY, Chief Executive Officer, US-China Clean Energy Forum
  • Mr. Chris JOHNSON, VP Global Enterprise Vertical Markets, Nokia
  • Mr. David MARTINON, Ambassador for Digital Affairs, ‎French Government
  • Mr. Peter WELLS, Head of Policy, Open Data Institute
  • Mr. Xu HONGHUA, President, Beijing Corona Science & Technology Co.,Ltd

Moderator: Mr. Ben AVISON, Editorial and Conference Director, Cavendish Group


3. From the digital age to the post-human age
How is digitalisation changing the role of humans in work and society?
How big is the existential risk posed by AI?
How can governments and businesses work together to ensure a framework for the harmonious development of humanity in tandem with automation and AI?
The impact of automation in Europe, China and along the belt and road


  • Ms. Nicole JUNKERMANN, Founder, NJF Capital
  • Mr. Mohamed MAROUENE, Managing Director, SoWhen?
  • Mr. Christophe MONTAGNON, Director of Organisation, Information Systems and Quality, Randstad Group France
  • Prof. Dr. Paul VERSCHURE, Director, Synthetic Perceptive, Emotive and Cognitive Systems (SPECS) Laboratory, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona

Moderator: Mr. Dennis BRACY, Chief Executive Officer, US-China Clean Energy Forum

13:00 Networking lunch
14:15 Keynote Address: Making sustainability profitable
Mr. Hugo SPOWERS, Chief Engineer and Founder, Riversimple

4. VIP Panel: Leadership – change or disappear
How to manage and shape a large company for the future
Will companies buy or build new technologies?
How can companies in established industry sectors compete with technology giants
How can law and policy be enacted more efficiently through digital means
The impact of digitalisation on the legal sector and legislative process


  • Mr. Ģirts BĒRZIŅŠ, Head of Strategy Digital Banking, Swedbank
  • Mr. Alban WYNIECKI, Investment Director, Idinvest Partners
  • Mr. Jean-Charles SIMON, Lawyer and Managing Director, Simon Associés
  • Mr. Louis LARRET-CHAHINE, Managing Director, PREDICTICE

Moderator: Mr. Ben AVISON, Editorial and Conference Director, Cavendish Group

15:25 Networking break and refreshments

5. Investing in the new productive age
What do big investors consider when thinking about the companies of tomorrow?
How do investors assess the opportunities in Europe as compared to China and the US – and what does Europe need to do to catch up?
What do investors expect to happen to the largest companies and industries – what are their models anticipating?


  • Mr. Stéphane AVER, CEO, Aaqius and AALPS Capital
  • Mr. Yonathan PARIENTI, CEO and founder, Horyou
  • Mr. William SAMENGO-TURNER, Senior Associate and Lawyer, Allen & Overy
  • Mr. Mark BEILBY, Chairman, Meetoo
  • Mr. Sylvain BELLAICHE, Founder-CEO, Invest in Digital Social Retail IPO

Moderator: Mr. Arnaud LEURENT, CEO, All Winds

16:55 Conference Close


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