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Tuesday 2nd May, 2023

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Panel 1: Shoulder to Shoulder: Tackling Global Challenges Together
Is the world fracturing into regulatory zones? Are regulations growing apart, together or in parallel? What are the main points of intersection and divergence between the big pieces of legislation underway in Europe, the US and China? What role do corporates have in driving positive change?

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Panel 2: Artificial Intelligence and Real Applications
Are incoming AI regulations up to speed with the rapid adoption of AI around the world?
What impact will generative AI have on work and what role are regulators and legislators around the world playing? What pre-contractual duties need to be considered in an AI environment?

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Panel 3: Bridging Barriers Between Competition and Innovation
Antitrust: Chinese government investment, US legislation and the DMA – are these approaches as different as the challenges are similar? Can we put global challenges ahead of domestic concerns to foster digital markets worldwide?

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Panel 4: Navigating Trust and Risk
How are the Digital Services Act, China’s Measures for the Administration of Internet Advertising and initiatives in the US tackling issues of consumer trust? How can risk-based approaches help foster trust, from AI to platform regulation? What are the risks of insufficient appeals systems within platforms? What provisions are being made for out-of-court settlements in the DSA and what does this mean for corporations?

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Panel 5: The Perils and Potential of Digital Currencies
How are central bank issued currencies and their regulatory frameworks developing, as compared to privately issued stablecoins? How can users be protected in an unchartered environment? What are the arguments for decentralization?

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Panel 6: Business Operations and Respect for Consumers
How can businesses ensure equality, safety and dignity on their platforms? How can user agency be considered within impact assessments? And how do legislation such as the Online Safety Bill, Kids Online Safety Act and the DSA compare in terms of upholding these values?

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Panel 7: Bridging Privacy, Security and Borders
How are data and privacy laws evolving in Europe, China and the US? How can we bridge data divides to enable safe transfer of data across borders, at a time of geopolitical tension?

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