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Tuesday 12th October, 2021

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2:00PM 8:00AM 2:00AM Networking
2:30PM 8:30AM 2:30AM Opening Address
3:00PM 9:00AM 3:00AM Plenary Panel: Where is regulation and innovation heading?
  • The rise of antitrust: the implications of clamping down on the platform economy
  • AI regulation and the application of quantum computing
  • What impact will the Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act have on tackling antitrust issues in the EU and beyond?
3:45PM 9:45AM 3:45AM Networking Break
4:00PM 10:00AM 4:00AM Plenary Panel: Sustainable Development with RAID
  • How can Big Tech and innovators support green growth and the triple bottom line (people, profits, planet)?
  • What roles should the regulation and governance of technology play in decarbonisation?
  • Can cryptocurrencies be made less energy intensive?
4:45PM 10:45AM 4:45AM Networking Break
5:00PM 11:00AM 5:00AM Plenary Panel: RAID – The International Context
  • How is the international landscape for technology regulation and innovation changing, in China, Europe and the US?
  • What lessons can China, Europe and US learn from each other in fostering technology innovation?
  • How has the global pandemic accelerated the demand for technology and appropriate regulation?
5:45PM 11:45AM 5:45AM Address
6:00PM 12:00PM 6:00AM Lunch/Dinner/Breakfast/Networking Break
7:30PM 1:30PM 7:30AM

The Status of Tech Platforms and Companies

  • How should technology companies be assessed and categorised?
  • How should regulators consider tech platforms as opposed to companies and do they have tools to manage them?
  • Will the US repeal Section 230 immunity for tech companies?

Controlling the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • How do different governments consider the future of work and how are they preparing?
  • How can regulators work with business in more agile ways – and how can public-private collaboration help set standards?
  • How to Regulate Cybersecurity of the Internet of Things
8:30PM 2:30PM 8:30AM Networking Break
8:45PM 2:45PM 8:45AM

Navigating the Data Rights Minefield

  • How should policy and regulation balance the public benefits of technology with the interests of personal privacy?
  • Which regions are setting international standards in data governance?
  • How will data be owned in the future?

Innovation in Industrial IoT

  • How can regulation be reformed and better connected to business to realise the opportunities of industrial automation
  • Case studies of industries and regions where academia, business and government are working together to bring solutions to market safely
9:45PM 3:45PM 9:45AM Networking Break

The Content Conundrum: Everything in Moderation?

  • In the context of domestic political norms, how can content be best moderated?
  • What’s the role of people and technology in content moderation?
  • How much does Big Tech contribute to fake news and the polarisation of opinions, and how can this be regulated?

Regulating Smart Cities

  • How can the social and environmental benefits of smart city technologies be aligned with privacy issues?
  • How are governments accelerating the shift towards smart urban mobility?
  • How can DTC sharing services – Uber, Airbnb etc – be encompassed by smart city initiatives?

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