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10 July

MaaS and the changing face of mobility

Posted by:ITS World Congress in Transport & Automative

As congestion, high costs and environmental concerns make personal car ownership in cities an increasingly frustrating experience, and as technology begins to offer more attractive alternatives, we are seeing a shift away from individual modes of transport towards alternative mobility solutions that are consumed as a service.

31 August

Who will drive the cars of the future?

Posted by:William Sachiti in Transport & Automative

When self-driving cars arrive on our roads, and they soon will, it will be hard to deny that we’re living in a technological future.

Driverless cars already exist in some forms, but they will hit the market in the early 2020s, and emerge with increasingly advanced capabilities over the coming decades.

Very soon, we’ll be able to prepare for a business meeting during a London commute, read a novel on-the-road to a family gathering in Norfolk, or just kick-back while you enjoy the sights during your own private tour of the Scottish Highlands.

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